Manage Adobe resellers

Administrators can view members of your reseller team on this page. This page also displays the status of the individual team members.

• Active - these members have accepted the invitation to join, and can now manage customers

• Pending - these members haven't accepted the invitation to join the team

Add a reseller

To add a new member to the reseller team, you send them an email invitation. On acceptance, they become members of the reseller team, and have access to the Adobe Reseller Console.

  1. To add a reseller team member, click the Add Reseller .
  2. In the Add Team Members dialog box, enter the email addresses.
  3. Click Send Invitation.

Remove a reseller

To remove a reseller team member, do the following:

  1. In the Reseller Team page, click Remove next to the member to remove.
  2. In the confirmation dialog box, click Remove.

Need more help?

For information about the Adobe Value Incentive Program, see VIP Program Guide.

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