Common custom bundle products in Adobe ETLAs

Custom builds are a method to package a group of software within an ETLA agreement.  A custom build is often based on the products that were included in our Design Standard, Design & Web Premium, and Production Premium in CS6.  The table below is used to reference the products that would have been included in those bundles.

Common products included in the Design, Web, and Video bundles

Please refer to your contract to determine which products where included in your custom bundles.  The listing below are the common products included in the customer bundle.  ETLA customers are entitled to the newest software available.  The table below can assist you in creating packages for specific custom bundles.

The CS6 equivalent bundles are:

  • Design - Design Standard CS6
  • Web - Design and Web Premium CS6
  • Video - Production Premium CS6
  • Complete - Master Collection CS6

Products Design Web Video Complete
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign  
Adobe Bridge  
Adobe Extension Manager  
Adobe InCopy      
Adobe Acrobat Pro  
Adobe Dreamweaver    
Adobe Flash Professional  
Adobe Flash Builder Premium      
Adobe Fireworks    
Adobe Premiere Pro    
Adobe After Effects    
Adobe Audition    
Adobe SpeedGrade    
Adobe Prelude    
Adobe Encore    
Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom      
Adobe Muse      
Adobe Scout      
Adobe Gaming SDK