Working with ConnectNow and Dreamweaver
Work with ConnectNow and Dreamweaver to secure a personal online meeting room to collaborate with others in real time.

Work with ConnectNow

Adobe® ConnectNow provides you with a secure, personal online meeting room where you can meet and collaborate with others via the web in real time. With ConnectNow, you can share and annotate your computer screen, send chat messages, and communicate using integrated audio. You can also broadcast live video, share files, capture meeting notes, and control an attendee's computer.

You can access ConnectNow directly from the application interface.

  1. Choose File > Share My Screen.

  2. In the Sign In to Adobe CS Live dialog box, enter your email address and password, and click Sign In. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, click the Create Adobe ID button.

  3. To share your screen, click the Share My Computer Screen button at the center of the ConnectNow application window.

For complete instructions on using ConnectNow, see Adobe ConnectNow Help.

For a video tutorial about using ConnectNow, see Using ConnectNow to share your screen (7:12). (This demonstration is in Dreamweaver.)