Work with Device Central and Dreamweaver

Use Adobe Device Central with Dreamweaver

Device Central enables Dreamweaver web designers and developers to preview how Dreamweaver files will look on a wide variety of mobile devices. Device Central uses Opera’s Small‑Screen Rendering™ to give designers and developers an impression of how their web page looks on a small screen. It also enables designers and developers to test if their CSS behaves correctly.

For example, a web developer may have a customer who wants to make a website available on mobile phones. The web developer can use Dreamweaver to create preliminary pages and use Device Central to test how those pages look on different devices.

  1. Start Dreamweaver.
  2. Open a file.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Select File > Preview in Browser > Device Central.

    • On the document window toolbar, click and hold the Preview/Debug In browser button  and select Preview In Device Central.

Tips for creating Dreamweaver web content for mobile devices

Device Central previews web pages created in Dreamweaver using Opera’s Small-Screen Rendering. This preview can give you a good idea of what a web page looks like on a mobile device.

note: Opera’s Small-Screen Rendering may or may not be pre-installed on any individual emulated device. Device Central simply gives a preview of how the content would look if Opera’s Small-Screen Rendering was installed.

Use the tips below to ensure that web pages created in Dreamweaver display well on mobile devices.

  • If you use the Adobe® Spry framework to develop content, add the following line of HTML to your pages so they can render CSS and execute JavaScript™ correctly in Device Central:<link href="SpryAccordion.css" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/> <link href="SpryAccordion2.css" media="handheld" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>

  • Opera’s Small-Screen Rendering does not support frames, pop‑ups, underlining, strikethrough, overlining, blink, and marquee. Try to avoid these design elements.

  • Keep web pages for mobile devices simple. In particular, use a minimum number of fonts, font sizes, and colors.

  • Scaling down image sizes and reducing the number of colors required increase the chances that the images will appear as intended. Use CSS or HTML to specify an exact height and width for each image used. Provide alt text for all images.


The Opera software website is a good source of information about optimizing web pages for mobile devices.

For more tips and techniques for creating content for mobile phones and devices, see