Learn how to create and modify horizontal rules to separate text and visual objects in Dreamweaver.

Horizontal rules (lines) are useful for organizing information. On a page, you can visually separate text and objects with one or more rules.

Create a horizontal rule

  1. In the Document window, place the insertion point where you want to insert a horizontal rule.
  2. Select Insert > HTML > Horizontal Rule.

    You can also insert a horizontal rule from the HTML section of the Insert panel.

Modify a horizontal rule

  1. In the Document window, select the horizontal rule.
  2. Select Window > Properties to open the Property inspector, and modify the properties as desired:
    Modifying the properties of a horizontal rule
    Modifying the properties of a horizontal rule

    The ID text box

    Lets you specify an ID for the horizontal rule.

    W and H

    Specify the width and height of the rule in pixels or as a percentage of the page size.


    Specifies the alignment of the rule (Default, Left, Center, or Right). This setting applies only if the width of the rule is less than the width of the browser window.


    Specifies whether the rule is drawn with shading. Deselect this option to draw the rule in a solid color.


    Lets you attach a style sheet, or apply a class from an already attached style sheet.

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