Spell check a web page in Adobe Dreamweaver
Use the Check Spelling command to check spelling in the current Dreamweaver web page.

Use Spell Check to check the spelling in the current document.

The document must be a web page (for example, an HTML, ColdFusion, or PHP page).

Spell check does not work on text files or XML files.

Additionally, when you use Spell check, it ignores HTML tags and attribute values.


Dreamweaver can only spell check the file that is currently open in the Document window. It cannot spell check all of the files in a site simultaneously.

By default, the spelling checker uses the U.S. English spelling dictionary. To change the dictionary, select Edit > Preferences > General (Windows) or Dreamweaver > Preferences > General (Macintosh), then in the Spelling Dictionary pop‑up menu select the dictionary you want to use.

  1. Select Tools > Spell Check or press Shift+F7.

    When Dreamweaver encounters an unrecognized word, the Spell Check dialog box appears.

  2. Select the appropriate option based on how you want the discrepancy handled.

    Add To Personal

    Adds the unrecognized word to your personal dictionary.


    Ignores this instance of the unrecognized word.


    Replaces this instance of the unrecognized word with text that you type in the Change To text box or with the selection in the Suggestions list.

    Ignore All

    Ignores all instances of the unrecognized word.

    Change All

    Replaces all instances of the unrecognized word in the same manner.


Dreamweaver does not provide a way of deleting entries that have been added to personal dictionaries.