Create a custom Dynamic Tag Manager permissions group

Create a custom permissions group

This article demonstrates how to create a custom permissions group inside Adobe's Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM). A custom permissions group is defined as any group that has permissions outside the default permissions available inside DTM.

A common use case for a custom group is for customers with multiple web properties. A custom group could contain Approver access for the first web property and only User access for the second web property.

Create the group

1. Log in to DTM via the Marketing Cloud or directly through

Log in to DTM

2. Click the Groups tab.

Click the Groups tab

3. Click Create New Group.

Create New Group button

4. Give your groups a name and description. Next, you can set limitations on which tools users in this group can modify. Checking the box next to each tool's name denies users in that group the ability to create or modify the tool or related settings. Finally, you can set the default role for that group.

The following table shows each role and some common tasks:

User Role Create Rules Edit Rules Test Rules Approve Rules Publish Rules Create/Edit Users Create/Edit Property
(no default role)     Yes        
User Yes Yes Yes        
Approver Yes Yes Yes Yes      
Publisher Yes Yes Yes   Yes    
Approver + Publisher Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set limitations on tools

5. Click Save Group.

Set up user-specific permissions for multiple web properties (optional)

If your setup matches the use case listed above, you can give each user-specific permissions to each of your web properties by clicking Define Role per Property.

Define Role per Property button

Clicking this button allows you to define the user role per web property.

Define the user role per web property