DTM API token, API token, DTM token

The AEM integrating with DTM requires the use of a DTM account API-token. The API key is only visible to users that have authenticated via the marketing Cloud and Adobe employees.

To retrieve you API token, follow the procedure below:

  1. Log in to the Experience Cloud (formerly Marketing Cloud) via Marketing.adobe.com

  2. Log in to DTM through the Marketing Cloud

    1. Click the solution switcher icon

    2. Select the Activation core service

    3. Hover over the Dynamic Tag Management card and click the "Enter" button that appears

  3. Once logged in to DTM, proceed to the DTM Account tab using the left navigation

  4. View your API Token


If you are unable to retrieve you own API token, you can contact Adobe Client Care or you can reach out to Adobe DTM Community Team (Jantzen Belliston). In order to retrieve your token, you'll need to provide your DTM company name and the email address associated with your DTM user.

Client Care can be reached by having a supported user email clientcare@adobe.com

The community team can be reached by joining the online community and sending a private message to Jantzen Belliston 

Since the API token is essentially a password, Community team will be unable to send API token via email.