As of November 2015, Edge Animate is no longer being actively developed. Learn more.

What is Edge Animate CC?

Edge Animate lets web designers create interactive HTML animations for web, digital publishing, rich media advertising and more, reaching both desktop and mobile with ease.

Who should use Edge Animate CC?

Edge Animate CC is ideal for web and interactive designers who want to energize their content for web with motion and interactivity.

Pricing and availability

Will Edge Animate CC be updated?

Edge Animate is no longer being actively developed. To integrate the capabilities of Edge Animate with existing workflows and tools in Creative Cloud, Adobe has come up with Animate CC.

Animate CC is now the flagship vector animation tool, which supports HTML5 Canvas and WebGL, while continuing to support Flash formats. Animate CC can also output to any format, such as SVG, with an extensible architecture.

What languages does Edge Animate CC support?

Edge Animate CC is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish.

Using Edge Animate CC

Where can I learn how to get started with Edge Animate CC?

Edge Animate CC has built-in lessons to help you get started.

You can also visit the Learning center for videos and tutorials.

How do I create animated content in Edge Animate CC?

Edge Animate CC features a WebKit-based design surface and an intuitive timeline. You can animate HTML elements such as text, images (including SVG format), and more by modifying their visual properties with the timeline.

What types of animated content can I create or work with in Edge Animate CC?

You can create compositions from scratch in Edge Animate CC by using drawing and text tools and imported web graphics. You can also add motion to existing HTML documents.

What type of documents can Edge Animate CC work with?

Edge Animate CC can open and add animation to HTML documents.

Can I edit code in Edge Animate CC?

Yes. Edge Animate CC features an Actions Editor that lets you enter custom JavaScript code for a function. A built-in code snippet library is also available in the Actions Editor for commonly used functions such as go to, stop, and hyperlink.

Can I edit code outside Edge Animate CC?

Yes. You can edit code outside of Edge Animate CC. Since Edge Animate works directly with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can use any external code editor including Edge Code.

Actions code created in Edge Animate CC can also be edited by accessing the project’s "edgeActions.js" file.

What types of graphic files can I import into Edge Animate CC?

Edge Animate CC works with SVG, JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats.

How are the animations created with Edge Animate CC?

Edge Animate CC implements animations and imported graphics using a JavaScript animation library that is built on the popular jQuery Core framework. Animations and graphics are unobtrusive (they are attached to the HTML at runtime by JavaScript), making it easy to integrate compositions into larger web pages and sites.

What format is Edge Animate's output?

Edge Animate CC reads and writes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Animated content is expressed in a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data structure that preserves the CSS-based layout. JSON is a formatting style for JavaScript that is easily readable and allows more flexibility to work with the document and animated content independently.

Does Edge Animate CC change the HTML of my web pages?

Everything that Edge Animate CC edits is created and stored in external JavaScript and CSS files. The only modification to the HTML of the web page is to include these files and the required core jQuery and animation JavaScript framework. It is non-intrusive to the HTML and preserves CSS-based layouts.

Can I create interactive content with Edge Animate CC?

Yes. Edge Animate CC includes interactivity features such as looping, hyperlinks, and animation control.

Does Edge Animate CC support video and audio?

The newest release of Edge Animate CC includes native support for HTML5 audio and video

Does Edge Animate support HTML5 canvas?

No, Edge Animate does not support content creation with HTML5 canvas, but it can work with HTML that contains these tags.

Has the output from Edge Animate CC proven to perform well on devices and desktop browsers?

Yes, the animated content created with Edge Animate CC is designed and tested to work reliably on iOS(iPhone and iPad) and most Android devices. The stage uses WebKit, which means animated content is created on a true browser surface for consistency on WebKit-enabled devices. Also, content produced with Edge Animate CC has been tested on popular desktop browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9. For older, non-HTML5 browsers such as Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8, Edge Animate CC has a down-level stage to create fallback versions of your projects.

Performance of animations are based on a number of factors, so it is possible to create content with less than optimal performance.

Which product is right for me - Edge Animate CC or the Toolkit for CreateJS extension for Flash Professional? What are the differences between the two?

Edge Animate CC works natively with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create animated and interactive content for the web. The Toolkit for CreateJS is targeted specifically at Flash Professional users who want to apply their existing Flash skills for creating content that is output as HTML.

What are the differences between Edge Animate CC and competitors' products?

Edge Animate CC offers a unique combination of features and support for web-standards technology compared to its competitors:

  • Edge Animate CC works natively with HTML to enable open collaborative workflows and the enhancement with motion of existing HTML pages.
  • Content produced with Edge Animate CC can be seamlessly integrated into a web page created with Edge Code, Dreamweaver CC, or other web authoring tools.
  • Edge Animate CC is designed with creative professionals in mind, taking our customers’ favorite functions and features from best-in-class products like After Effects and Flash Professional.
  • Edge Animate CC features advanced interactive capabilities via the Edge Animate CC API.
  • Edge Animate CC allows you to use the symbols feature to add nested animations with independent timelines..
  • Edge Animate CC is available on both Mac OS and Windows.



How can I leave comments or provide feedback on Edge Animate CC?

Please visit the Edge Animate CC forums to provide feedback, request features, or report bugs.

Where can I get support for Edge Animate CC?

If you have questions about using Edge Animate CC software, please visit the support page.

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