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This section provides highlights of the AEM 6.3 Forms release. A detailed description of all new features can be found in the Summary of new features and enhancements in AEM 6.3 Forms.

Enhanced authoring and end-user experience of Adaptive Forms

  • Adaptive Form Editor
    • Added support for JSON schema for creating Adaptive Forms
    • Added CAPTCHA component and default validations for components
    • Enabled asynchronous submission of Adaptive Forms
  • Improved end-user experience
    • Enabled autofill for form fields
    • Enabled rich text for text box components
    • Added support for specialized HTML5 input types (i.e. keyboards) for form fields
  • Introduced testing frameworks
    • Enabled debugging Adaptive Forms using new Google Chrome plug-in
    • Enabled automated testing of Adaptive Forms
  • Rule Editor
    • Introduced roles to control who can view/modify rules
    • Enabled multi-value form components to display the component options automatically
    • Added visual hints in code editor
  • Theme Editor
    • Added support for using web fonts in a theme
    • Added support for recently-used styles in Theme Editor
    • Added option to turn on/off styles used in a theme
  • Document of Record
    • Simplified management of Document of Record branding
    • Added table and column layouts for panels in Document of Record which is not XDP-based
    • AEM translation workflow used to localize Document of Record

AEM Forms data integration

  • Introduced a new AEM Forms Data Integration capability to connect to various backend systems
  • Included new editor for a unified data representation of business entities across connected data sources
  • Includes out-of-the-box connectors for relational databases - MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle RDBMS, AEM user profile, RESTful web services and SOAP-based web services

Forms-centric AEM Workflows for AEM Forms on OSGi

  • Added capability to use AEM Workflow to rapidly build forms-centric workflows

Enhanced integration with Adobe Sign

  • Significantly enhanced capabilities to support for example single and multiple-user signing workflows, sequential and simultaneous signing workflows or signing forms as an anonymous or logged-in user

Enhanced forms management

  • Use the AEM Desktop App to synchronize XDP files and edit them directly from Designer (upload of modifications restricted to forms power users)

Enhanced AEM Forms app

  • Added support for iPhone and Android smartphones.
  • AEM Forms App now supports Apache Cordova 6.4.0.

Correspondence Management

  • Enabled copy and paste of formatted text in letters and text modules
  • Added a way to insert special characters in letters and text editor
  • Enabled text highlighting with colors
  • Enabled the quick creation of assets and letters similar to existing ones
  • Added folder support to organize assets
  • Search and filter in your content
  • Integrating Correspondence Management as a third-party application in AEM Forms workspace

Document Security

  • Added support for Microsoft Office 2016
  • Enabled native AEM search to find document security protected Microsoft Office documents
  • Added support for third-party authentication in AEM Document Security Extension for Microsoft Office

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