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This section provides highlights of the AEM 6.4 Forms release. A detailed description of all new features can be found in the Summary of new features and enhancements in AEM 6.4 Forms.

Multi-channel Interactive Communications

  • Integrated multi-channel authoring interface for print and web channel
  • Business user friendly WYSIWYG and drag and drop based authoring
  • Integrated assets repository, standard components, and data models
  • Common document fragments for both print and web channel to reduce effort
  • Ability to auto-generate web channel content from print channel
  • Support for themes to provide consistent styling and branding
  • Enhanced Agent interface to support both print and web channel
  • Charts to provide richer data visualizations in communications
  • Out-of-the-box support for backend data integration in communications via Form Data Model
  • Ability to use Form Data Model elements in Document Fragments
  • Compatibility package to support upgrading customers with Letters and Data dictionaries

Data Integration enhancements

  • Ability to create Form Data Model without data source
  • Late binding data source to Form Data Model to avoid dependency on data sources to forms and interactive communication authors
  • Ability to create entities and properties in existing Form Data Model and bind later to data source
  • Computed properties using rules over data in Form Data Model entities and use in forms and communications
  • Ability to generate or associate sample data with Form Data Model to aid in form and document preview during development
  • Refresh data source definitions of Form Data Model to reflect changes in backend data source
  • Leverage Touch UI interface for data sources configuration

Workflow modernization and mobile worker support

  • Touch interface to design workflow models
  • Ability to invoke Form Data Model operations through workflow step
  • Email workflow step to allow sending emails easily
  • Support for adaptive forms with Form Data Model in AEM Forms app
  • Use adaptive forms with lazy loaded fragments in AEM Forms app

Enhanced support of Lazy loading fragments

  • File attachment and Terms and Conditions components can be used in lazy loaded form fragments
  • Support for lazy loaded adaptive form fragments inside repeatable panels

Single-hop upgrade from LiveCycle to Experience Manager Forms 6.4

  • Upgrade directly from LiveCycle ES4 to AEM 6.4 Forms JEE

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