How to I configure CQ5 for ICAL import?


CQ calendar component allows import of ICAL from external sources. To automatically update events to a calendar from an external source, the following will need to be configured for the import.

1. Create a CQ calendar page

Create a new page within CQ based on the Calendar template. For example, add a calendar page to /content called mycalendar using the Calendar template. Another common location to store the calendars is under /etc/calendars.

NOTE: Once a calendar page is created, a complete structure of the calendar page can be viewed using the CRX Content Explorer. The events are stored below the default folder (i.e. under /content/mycalendar/jcr:content/calendar/calendars/default. This folder is further divided into sub-folders for year, month, and date (i.e. 2010/03/31). The actual events are stored under a given date.

2. Configure ICAL import

  • Create a new Feed Importer in CQ by clicking on the Tools button and open the Importers folder.
  • Double click on the Feed Importer page to open it.
  • Click on the Add button to open a dialog.

Fill in the dialog as follow:
Feed URL: Location where to fetch the ICAL feed. Note the the ics prefix before the URL.
(i.e. ics:
Import to Path: The path to store the calendar events in the repository.
(i.e. /content/mycalendar/jcr:content/calendar/calendars/default)
Update Interval in Seconds: Indicate how often the run the synchronization/update of the events.
(i.e. 300)

Applies to

CQ 5.2.x

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