ClassNotFoundException | Configuring custom error page


You set up a custom error page in your instance, and have a configuration file that looks like the following:

<error status="404" script="/apps/all/templates/errorhandler/404.ecma" type="ecma" />


<error status="404" script="/apps/all/templates/errorhandler/404.jsp" type="jsp" />

You receive an error similar to the following:

25.02.2008 12:23:03 *ERROR* exec: processSource: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: apps.all.templates.errorhandler.404


Change your script filename so that it starts with a character instead of a number. For example:

<error status="404" script="/apps/all/templates/errorhandler/status404.ecma" type="ecma" />

Additional information

This issue occurs when the script name starts with a number.