Migrate ContentBus content/versions to CQ4.x with CRX


You want to migrate content of a large-volume ContentBus based CQ4.x instance to a fresh CQ4.x instance with CRX. It's also necessary to migrate versions from ContentBus to CRX.


Instead of using tree-activation or creating multiple packages to migrate content, run a special migration tool from within the ContentBus CQ instance. This migration tool connects via RMI to the fresh CRX instance. Then, it spools content and versions directly to the destination repository.

(ContentBus is abbreviated with CB in the following text.)

  1. Set up a fresh CQ4.2.1 running on CRX1.4.2 (see [1] ).
  2. Install the attached migration3.5.5to4.2.zip according to the included readme instructions
  3. Make sure that you restart the CB instance and that RMI access is enabled in the target CRX instance.
  4. Request the migration tool on the CB instance, http://://system/migration/content/versions.html.
  5. Provide the root path of pages to migrate.
  6. Select Dump to simulate a dry run; deselect to migrate content/versions.
  7. Select Include Content if you want to migrate content pages as well. Otherwise, only versions are migrated if corresponding content pages are in the destination repository.
  8. Click Submit to start the migration process.
  9. Depending on the volume of your source instance, the migration process takes some time to finish. After the process is complete, stop the CRX based CQ author webapp via the CQSE admin interface. Make sure to keep CRX running. Because the migration tool has created content and versions via the JCR API, it is required to rebuild CQ's search indexes and also the uuid-registry.

Do the following on the CRX based CQ4.2.1 instance:

  1. Delete all search indexes below <cq_home>/data/author.
  2. Rebuild the uuidRegistry.properties file, for instructions see [2].
  3. Start the CQ4.2.1 webapp via the CQSE admin interface.

Content and versions are available now on the new CQ4.2.1 running on CRX.

For more information regarding migration in general, see the corresponding documentation [3] on docs.day.com.

[1] Install CQ4.2 with CRX1.4.2
[2] Recreate UUID registry
[3] Migration on docs.day.com