Loading of page hierarchies in the site-admin tree navigation takes a long time.


The tree in the site-admin preloads an additional hierarchy level when expanding the tree for a given root. This can cause performance issues if a lot of pages have to be loaded.


Following structure is given:

  • /content/mysite/en
  • /content/mysite/de
  • /content/mysite/fr
  • /content/mysite/it

Every country site has 20 direct child-pages, so expanding /content/mysite would result in loading 80 pages.


It is possible to disable the preloading in the site-admin to improve performance. Please configure the following:

  • via the CRX Content Explorer, navigate to the node /libs/wcm/content/siteadmin
  • add a boolean property labeled considerSubNodes and set it to false
  • save

Now everytime a tree is expanded in the site-admin, only the direct children will be fetched.

NOTE: changing something beneath /libs is usually discouraged as it breaks potential updates in the future. In this case, a mere modification of content is regarded harmless.

Applies to

CQ 5.2.x

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