How to configure the tar-file size of the TarPersistenceManager

Question / Problem

The TarPersistenceManager stores and reads data from files on the filesystem in the POSIX tar file format. The TarPM creates continuous tar files with a default maximum file size of 64MB. While this default value is fine in most cases, for instances that store a large amount of data in the repository using the TarPM might cause too many open file connections required by a single Java process.

How is it possible to (re-)configure the maximum file size of tar files created by the TarPM?

Answer / Resolution

To reconfigure the maximum file size, the repository.xml configuration file and the workspace.xml configuration file of the primary workspace needs to be modified. Please configure the maxFileSize parameter as shown in the following example:

<PersistenceManager class="">
    <param name="maxFileSize" value="512" />

This change will take effect after the repository has been restarted and an TarPM optimization has been executed. Please refer to the TarPM optimization article how to run an optimization.

NOTE: the maximum configurable size is limited to 2GB, we suggest a value of 512.


CRX1.3.x, CRX1.4.x