You would like to condense your URL for various reasons (user-friendly, and so on). For example, you have a page structure /content/Small_Businesses/Innovation/, and you want to use a vanity URL for the end user.
There are three ways to configure a vanity URL:
  • Use the link checker configuration file
  • Create a symlink to the target-page on the top level. This option is comparable with a symlink in UNIX, the new URL stays as-is. For example, your target page handle is /content/Small_Businesses/Innovation/ If you create a symlink on the top level, the handle of the symlink becomes /content/apage.
  • Create a page of type "redirect." (You can find an example in designground redirect template) and configure the target handle. This option is a simple redirect to the configured target handle. The URL for the end user could still be /content/apage, but upon request of the URL the user, is redirected to the target page.

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