Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 hot fixes

Important Note

This page is the old version of the recommended hotfixes page, before the release of AEM 6.1 Service Pack 1. Please refer to this page for the Hotfixes that should be installed on top of SP1. Hotfixes below are already included in Service Pack 1 (except Forms and Communities), thus only applicable to the default AEM 6.1 setup.

The Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 Service Pack 1 is now available on the Adobe Package Share and the release notes under

The installation of SP1 is highly recommended as it includes security, performance, stability, and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of Adobe Experience Manager 6.1.  




Security vulnerabilities

The hot fixes below resolve several critical vulnerabilities. Adobe highly recommends that you install this Security Update on top of Adobe Experience Manager 6.1.

For the protection of our customers, Adobe does not disclose any vulnerability details. 

Date Name Fixes
December 15th, 2015 Hot fix 8364 *
Java deserialization issues mitigation agent
August 22nd, 2015 Hot fix 6449 * Vulnerability in the Apache POI Library
July 15th, 2015 Hot fix 7085 * XSS vulnerability
June 2nd, 2015 Hot fix 6446 * Webdav security fix
May 28th, 2015 Hot fix 6500 * XSS vulnerability in the Assets user interface


Date Name Fixes
October 6 2015 Hot fix 7700 * Oak 1.2.7
* Oak-1.2.7-Release-Notes.txt
Release notes for Oak 1.2.7 hot fix

6.1 GA contains Oak version 1.2.2, Jackrabbit API version 2.10, and CRX API version 2.5.30.


No hot fix released yet.


Date Name Fixes
June 25 2015 Hot fix 6972 * SegmentNotFoundException in workflow processing


Adobe recommends that you use the latest version available of the Dispatcher.

Find version 4.1.11 available for download at


Date Name Fixes
June 5 2015 Hot fix 6640 * Installing packages with ResourceProviders can cause
installation to fail
June 8 2015 Hot fix 6680 * The web console sometimes becomes unusable
after package installation


Authoring/User interface

The Touch-optimized UI Update Pack (Feature Pack 6563) was released on September 1, and is now available to the public on Package Share. Make sure that it is installed on your 6.1 instance if you are using the touch-optimized UI.

This Update Pack addresses some bugs and improvements reported by customers. Its delivery is the result of the Touch-optimized UI Improvement Program started in September 2014, with the goal of helping customers transitioning from Classic UI to the new one.

There are two dependencies to hot fixes 6570 and 7285, both listed in this page.

Read the release notes, available just below, that contain the full list of fixes, enhancements, and features it brings.

Documentation updates related to the Update Pack

In-place editors enhancements:

New beforeinsert listener:

Allow adding custom columns to list view:

* TouchUI Update Pack Release notes.txt
Release notes of the TouchUI Update Pack
Date Name Fixes
July 23 2015 Hot fix 7285 * Toolbar buttons on Websites Search do not consider the ACL on all selected Rows. Install this hot fix before installing the Touch UI Update Pack.


Date Name Fixes
June 24 2015 Hot fix 6570 * Hot fix pack for various Adobe Target Integration fixes.
Install this hot fix before installing the Touch UI Update Pack.


No hot fix released yet.


No public hot fix released yet.


No public hot fix released yet.


AEM Communities 6.1 hot fix packages (cq-socialcommunities-pkg) are listed here.
See the documentation for latest releases.

Date Name Fixes
June 20 2015 cq-socialcommunities-pkg *
Version 1.7.199
This fix pack contains the latest set of fixes for AEM Communities 6.1 features.


Multiple components

Date Name Fixes
July 21 2015 Hot fix 6717 *
  • Includes enhancements and bug fixes in various components of AEM 6.1 Forms. For more information, see release notes.
Jan 15 2015 Hot fix 1.2.9*
  • The hot fix enables Microsoft SQL Server 2012 RDBMK for AEM 6.1 forms on JEE Feature Pack 1.
Feb 1 2016 Hot fix 2.4.46
  • Includes updates for NPR-9081. For more information, see readme file.  

Adaptive forms

Date Name Fixes
Dec 21 2015 Hot fix 2.4.26
  • Static text model content goes blank during data prefill. (Ref# NPR-8480)
  • AEM forms do not support language-specific decimal separator. Only dot (.) is supported as a decimal separator. (Ref# CQ-61604)
  • On creating a large adaptive form, the TooManyCallsException occurs on the author instance of AEM forms and a blank page is displayed on the publish instance. (Ref# CQ-65684)
  • When used without an attachment, the Submit to REST endpoint submit option does not provide access to the data xml in submission payload.  (#Ref CQ-61865)  

AEM forms app

Date Name Fixes
Dec 09 2015 Hot fix 2.1.20
  • Support added for autosave feature in AEM forms app. The default frequency is 10 minutes. (Ref# CQ-47749) 

HTML5 forms

Date Name Fixes
September 2 2015 Hot fix 2.2.22
  • Floating fields are not displayed on some pages. (Ref# CQ-49466)

Document security

Date Name Fixes
August 10 2015 Hot fix 1006-004
  • Support added for configuring the baseURL embedded in a document at the packaging client during encryption.  (Ref #CQ-49437)


Date Name Fixes
December 12 Hot fix 1.1.38
  • When the Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) is off, then the
    Single Sign-On stops working for all the pages containing “/lc” (for
    example, HTML Workspace) in the URL. The issue occurs in Microsoft
    Internet Explorer 11 only.  (#Ref NPR-8155)  
July 6 2015 Hot fix 1002-001
  • AdobeService attributes are not updated if JBoss MBeans in JConsole are enabled.  (Ref #LC-3914285)
  • Health monitor UI does not display any information about AEM forms JEE server. (Ref# CQ-48532)

Forms service

Date Name Fixes
December 18 2015 Hot fix 2.2.28
  • The CPU usage of AEM forms servers reaches at a high level and threads remain parked and waiting for execution. (Ref# CQ-51141)

HTML workspace

Date Name Fixes
December 11 2015 Hot fix 1.1.36
  • Access denied error is returned when logging into HTML workspace. (Ref# CQ-51403)
July 8 2015 Hot fix 2.1.4
  • The Submit button in HTML workspace does not work on iOS devices. (Ref #LC-3913749)


Date Name Fixes
July 31 2015 Hot fix 2.2.8
  • Error while rendering flat or flat PDF/A PDF from an XDP. (Ref #CQ-49487)

PDF Generator

Date Name Fixes
July 31 2015 Hot fix 2.2.8
  • Error while rendering flat or flat PDF/A PDF from an XDP. (Ref #CQ-49487)


Date Name Fixes
January 13 2016 Hot fix 2.4.38
  • Indirect objects are not preceded by EOL marker. [Ref# CQ-61809]
  • The Name object is 0-byte long. [Ref# CQ-65043]
  • PDF contains data after the end of file marker. [Ref# CQ-64357]
  • Invalid PDF due to issues with creation date. [Ref# CQ-61705]
  • Multiple syntax errors. [Ref# CQ-61813]
  • Validation log is not properly formatted. [Ref# CQ-54789]
    [Ref# CQ-49419, CQ-54330]


You can find all the marked hot fixes (bold with a *) on the Package Share's Public Section. You can access the Package Share with a registered user as mentioned here

  • Request the other hot fixes via an AEM Support ticket.
  • Most hot fixes are stand-alone unless specified and can be installed in any order. It can be self-verified by looking at "Details" tab Dependencies element in package share.  
  • At the moment, the release notes of the public hot fixes are only available per request via the AEM Support Portal. Package Share will soon hold them directly.