Release Notes: AEM 6.1 Oak Cumulative Fix Pack
This article includes details of various cumulative fix packs for the Oak repository and describes how to install oak cumulative fix packs in AEM 6.1.

Release information

Product Adobe Experience Manager
Version 6.1
Release Oak Cumulative Fix Packs
Recommended version  1.2.x

Overview of Oak cumulative fix packs

Adobe delivers fixes for the Oak repository through Oak cumulative fix packs (OCFP). In addition, Adobe fulfills all support requirements for the OCFPs.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) supports OCFPs in the same way as it supports standard cumulative fix packs.

An OCFP does not have any dependencies on other software. Therefore, you need not worry about finding/resolving dependencies.

Install the latest cumulative fix pack for your AEM version to keep your deployment up-to-date.

If you have installed the latest OCFP, you can ask for a diagnostic build until the next release of OCFP becomes officially available.

The diagnostic build only provides as much quality assurance as a hot fix. It does not match the quality assurance level of a cumulative fix pack (CFP), service pack, or product release.

For more information on CFPs and other types of releases, see Maintenance Release Vehicle.

Installation instructions

Building the index (Oak 1.2.19 or higher)

Oak Cumulative Fix pack 1.2.19 and higher versions include index definitions. However, indexing can be resource-intensive. Before deploying the Oak 1.2.19+ CFP, perform the following procedure to build the index. However, you can skip this procedure if you've already built index definitions when applying a previous version of Oak CFP (1.2.19 or higher).


To build indexes, ensure that -Dupdate.limit is set to a higher value, for example 200000. In addition, allocate sufficient heap memory.

  1. Install the index definition package NPR-14064, which contains index definitions with async re-index.

  2. If AEM is deployed on MongoDB, keep one AEM instance running. Stop all other instances.

  3. Go to 


  4. To start indexing, call the startPropertyIndexAsyncReindex() function.

  5. Monitor the log files for the following message:
    22.02.2017 11:34:32.602 *INFO* [aysnc-index-update-async-reindex] org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.index.AsyncIndexUpdate [async-reindex] Reindexing completed for indexes: [/oak:index/externalId*(0), /oak:index/externalPrincipalNames*(0), /oak:index/repMembers*(51)] in 1.085 s

  6. Verify that indexes are built correctly. Check for the following updates:

    • reindexCount=1
    • async="async-reindex" is deleted (index reverts to synchronous mode)
  7. Check query definitions for the following indexes (also ensure that following query does not include any results resembling //element(*, oak:QueryIndexDefinition)[@async = "async-reindex"]

    • /oak:index/repMembers
    • /oak:index/externalPrincipalNames

    • /oak:index/externalId

Asynchronous indexing creates a repository checkpoint. After the indexing task is complete, release this checkpoint to enable the system to perform garbage collection smoothly. Perform these steps:

  1. Open the CheckpointManager MBean:





  2. Call the listCheckpoints() API.

  3. Find the checkpoint row with the value of the creator property as async-reindex.

  4. Copy its id value to the clipboard.
    On MongoMK, it resembles r1234567aaaa-0-1.
    On TarMK, it resembles 6eac07d0-fe27-4d16-82f8-6d5da4cefd67.

  5. Call the releaseCheckpoint() API.

  6. Paste the ID as p1, and tap/click Invoke. The checkpoint is released.

Installing the Oak cumulative fix pack

Before you install the OCFP, ensure that you make a backup of your data.

  1. In the AEM UI, tap/click the AEM logo, and go to Tools > Deployment > Packages to open Package Manager.

  2. Upload and install the OCFP package.

  3. Restart AEM.

To deploy the OCFP in the context of an upgrade to AEM 6.1, perform these steps:
  1. Prepare the source instance, and then restart your system.

  2.  Unpack the AEM 6.1 Quickstart package using the following command at a temporary location:

    java -jar quickstart.jar -unpack
  3. Move /jcr_root/libs/system/install/* to /crx-quickstart/install.

  4. Move /jcr_root/libs/system/install/crx3/* to /crx-quickstart/install/15.

  5. Proceed with upgrading the AEM 6.1 instance.


If you are using LDAP integration, see Known Issues.


Uninstalling an OCFP is not supported.

Available Oak Cumulative Fix Packs

Oak 1.2.31

Date  Name Release Notes
April 03, 2019 OCFP 26254 Oak 1.2.31

Oak 1.2.30

Date Name Release Notes
October 5, 2018 OCFP 22732 Oak 1.2.30

Oak 1.2.29

Date Name Release Notes
April 6, 2018 OCFP 21492 Oak 1.2.29

Oak 1.2.28

Date Name Release Notes
February 8, 2018 OCFP 18737 Oak 1.2.28

Oak 1.2.27

Date Name Release Notes
September 10, 2017
OCFP 17336 Oak 1.2.27

Oak 1.2.26

Date Name Release Notes
June 21, 2017 OCFP 16519 Oak 1.2.26

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