Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 Sites hotfixes


The hotfixes below should be installed on top of Service Pack 1 and the recommended hotfixes listed on

The hotfixes marked as bold are highly recommended.



AEM hotfixes do not benefit from the same level of quality assurance as service packs or product releases, therefore must be always validated first on a staging environment as part of your quality deployment processes.




Authoring/User interface

Date Name Description Fixed Issues Replaces
Feb 23rd, 2016 Hotfix 9440

Issues with component overlays in Editor after installing 6.1 SP1



CQ-73659 : [Editor] Issues with component overlays after installing 6.1

CQ-67368 : XSS vulnerability in TouchUI

CQ-61977 : Page not found in IE 11 , after page activation in Touch UI

: Tag Search:Touch UI autocomplete doesn't match on the Title of the tag like
Classic UI






Mar 1st, 2016 Hotfix 9105

Projects properties: update fails in multi-value fields


CQ-70124 Projects properties: update fails in multi-value fields


Jan 28th, 2016 Hotfix 8964

Inplace editing for multiple images does not work


CQ-68191 : Inplace editing for multiple images does not work


Feb 11th, 2016 Hotfix 8937


DefaultAttachmentTypeBlacklistService does not cover XHTML by default


CQ-68256 : DefaultAttachmentTypeBlacklistService does not cover XHTML by


CQ-59849 : Expression Language Injection vulnerability in Foundation Form componment

CQ-61088 : TOUCH UI#Content Reference is not enforced when deleting referenced components in Touch UI.


March 15th, 2016 Hotfix 8930

TouchUI table component RTE IE Issue


CUI-4784 : Table component | default rows in RTE are overlapping each other

in IE 11 browser

CUI-4435 : [RTE] Table plugin no longer has Remove column and Remove Row




Date Name Description Fixed Issues Replaces
Feb 9th, 2016 Hotfix 9185


"Do not add tracking tag to page" option for Analytics doesn't work on publish



CQ-54046 : "Do not add tracking tag to page" option for Analytics
doesn't work on publish

CQ-67143 : Video Variables are not listed in Sitecatalyst Integration

CQ-67421 : Conversion variables not sent with media plugin


Jan 19th, 2016 Hotfix 9016

Marketing Cloud sync not honouring HTTP proxy.

CQ-68944 : Marketing Cloud sync not honouring HTTP proxy.



No public hot fix released yet.


Date Name Description Fixed Issues Replaces
Mar 4th, 2016 Hotfix 9436 Various Sites core fixes

CQ-69894 : on creation, the root page of a LiveCopy is not activated if BP page is activated (with specific rolloutconfigs)

CQ-74961 : MSM ControlCenter: status for manualy created Page at a skipped path wrong

CQ-53638 : After detaching a LC page, attaching the same
page is not available in MSM control center

CQ-62502 : LiveCopyIndex fails on read of cq:excludedPaths with empty String Values

CQ-66488 : ContentDeleteAction should call end - Relationship only on Pages.

CQ-73435 : MSM ControlCenter breaks for nested LiveCopy at a skipped path

CQ-75176 : Facilitate Usage of Custom Rollout Exception Handlers

CQ-59762 : RTC: Problem with delete/move page without privileges to
replicate if the page is not activated

CQ-71700 : Cell search path of targeted components not consistent with not targeted components

CQ-42143 : Performance and stability issues with Asset finder
full search due to large number of union queries

CQ-43937 : Cannot cancel inheritance of rolled out empty components in TouchUI

CQ-44557 : [TouchUI] Selecting empty component on newly created page in a LC throws isInheritanceCancelled JS error

CQ-68451 : Incomplete review for promoting a launch

CQ-69238 : Translation job does not update cq:lastModified of launch pages

CQ-73657 : [Editor] Caching issue with components after installing 6.1 SP1

CQ-71534 : Click on Target the page refresh and suppose to show Experience but shows Target option again





Feb 26th, 2016 Hotfix 9379 Mobile Performance CQ-73631: Performance issues with RedirectFilterCQ-20754 : DeviceGroupProviderImpl uses loginAdministrative  
Jan 5th, 2016 Hotfix 8873 External Linkchecker does not use configured Proxy setting anymore CQ-73491 : Links in email notifications are not url encoded  



  • You can access the Package Share with a registered user as mentioned here
  • Request the other hot fixes via an AEM Support ticket.
  • Most hot fixes are stand-alone unless specified and can be installed in any order. It can be self-verified by looking at "Details" tab Dependencies element in package share.  
  • At the moment, the release notes of the public hot fixes are only available per request via the AEM Support Portal.