Service Pack 3 recommended hot fixes

After upgrading CQ5.5 to the latest Service Pack 3, consider installing the recommended hot fixes (in bold) if missing on that instance.

Date Name Fixes
19-Apr-12 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-40968 Fix FLA file upload and make it work with token auth.
16-Jul-12 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-1975 Translate user interface in Korean
25-Jul-12 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-2040 ClientContext: Switch to pure client side persistence.
23-Aug-12 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2149 Dialog Participant Step - custom dialog is not called from side kick.
31-Aug-12 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2329 Implement new Authentication mechanism.
11-Sep-12 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-2170 Provide customizable Search user interface for pages (same as in DAM Admin).
12-Sep-12 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-2373 httpclient lib for cloud services should support gzipped responses
24-Sep-12 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2398 Form action 'Email' mailto field seems to disappear after filling up the field and refresh the page.
31-Oct-12 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2474* Creating AuditLog entries for large deactivation can consume all memory. Large deactivate can cause an out of memory error on publish.
31-Oct-12 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-23290 No configuration option to control syncing of likes and other complex Facebook profile information
02-Nov-12 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2514 Version history is not preserved after replacing image in DAM admin with one that has the same filename.
12-Nov-12 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2420 Lock during concurrent page activation
20-Nov-12 cq-5.5.0-Hotfix-NPR-2587 CollabUtil.getPagePath throws NullPointerException on reverse replicated new forum
26-Nov-12 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2572 Form action configuration dialog does not save when reopened.
07-Dec-12 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-2082 SAML awareness option for Hybris integration
27-Feb-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2752* Replication fails for large files with size over int range.
05-Mar-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-NPR-2791 T&T Mbox JavaScript error in IE8
05-Mar-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2788* CUG reads config from version store.
07-Mar-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2787* Anonymous ACLs in CQ5.5 breaks component hierarchy lookups - resourceSuperType resolution - also break form server-side validation
11-Mar-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2763 Siteadmin to handle node without jcr:content
26-Mar-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2822 Provide error handling for POST operations.
17-Apr-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2947 Static Agent stops working after CRX Login Token is expired once
23-Apr-13 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-2536 SAML Authentication Handler
Add ADFS support to the SAML authentication handler
16-May-13 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-2956 Alt button required for drag-and-drop of Paragraph into Paragraph system
30-May-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3076 CSS clientlib: data urls embedded in CSS are wrongly rewritten
31-May-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3079* ReferenceSearch touches pages multiple times.
03-Jun-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-NPR-2974 regression Incorrect error message shown when user is not allowed to create a tag
12-Jun-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3086 LDAP synchronization: group membership of old no more in LDAP existing groups are not purged during user synchronization
14-Jun-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-33458 The case sensitive search is not working in find and replace
20-Jun-13 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-3172 Integrate Adobe AudienceManager
21-Jun-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3244 Custom dialog configured with dialog participant step does not display correctly until page is refreshed
28-Jun-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3245 DAM AssetShare search is very slow
DAM Update Asset Workflow is slow with large images
03-Jul-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3296* Inconsistent CachingHierarchyManager under concurrent access.
04-Jul-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3280* Replication queue shows items that have already been replicated.
09-Jul-13 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-2990 backporting CQ 5.6's RTE to CQ 5.5
11-Jul-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3305 Add same dialog when replacing existing asset in DAM by drag-and-drop as when using the "New File" action.
Direct links to a DAM Asset Edit page go to listing page instead when the asset is not on page 1.
DAM Admin URLs not consistent behavior.
17-Jul-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2900 MSM: Moving Live Copy blueprint breaks cancel inheritance
18-Jul-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2894 Duplicate items show in "Authentication Requirement Configuration" for CUG in /system/console/slingauth
23-Jul-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3212 XSSAPI.getValidHref escapes special characters
26-Jul-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3346 Wrong image gets uploaded to Scene7 occasionally - when multiple images are uploaded from CQ dam to S7 server at the same instance (to the second)
30-Jul-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3328 Issue with CSS and jsp update on publish cluster
30-Jul-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3320 Find & Replace: text not replaced in a property of type multi-string (String)
05-Aug-13 cq-5.5.-0-hotfix-3368* JPEGImageReader memory leak
09-Aug-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3394 Invalid configuration causes Impressions- and ReportImporter to excessively call SiteCatalyst API
Importers are active on both nodes
(Wrong) Exception when company endpoint can't be determined
12-Aug-13 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-3138 Allow delegating for dynamic participant step
15-Aug-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3174 Loading the everyone group is slow when there are many nodes under /home
Unable to page through users and groups
18-Aug-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3417 LDAPSync should respect last sync time of groups
LDAPSync should offer a configuration to disable nested group syncing
Principal lookup for synced LDAP users uses LDAP instead of repository
LDAPUserSync uses the group DN instead of the name to retrieve an Authorizable from the UserManager
19-Aug-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3403 Twitter Social Connect and Plug-ins will not function after June 11 2013 due to the retirement of Twitter V1 API
21-Aug-13 cq-5.5.0-hotifx-3406 MSM: mixin cq:LiveSync set instead of cq:LiveRelationship
22-Aug-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3428 Dispatcher cache not flushed correctly when using cloud service configurations
26-Aug-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3440 Reattaching page that is an LC root fails
26-Aug-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3188 Static Agent stops working after CRX Login Token is expired once
28-Aug-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3439 Roll Out fails after move operation
29-Aug-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfx-3453 VersionCopyAction fails to touch new Pages
LiveStatus "isDeleted" sporadically wrong
02-Sep-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3459* MembershipCache aren't consistently synchronized.
03-Sep-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3463 VariablesServlet bombs if evars of unhandled types are configured
List variables not set correctly
Allow DataCenter/API Endpoint config in Login Dialog
19-Sep-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3480 HeavyMoveDialog should use multipart/form-data to avoid 10k parameter limit
04-Oct-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3518 LinkInfoStorageImpl onEvent can cause performance issues
14-Oct-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3053 ScheduledPageList blocks ObservationManager which then block replication receiver process
25-Oct-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3566 Blog comment replies don't work properly because of not replicated property
31-Oct-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3563 AuthorizableSelection: search for complete name does not work
07-Nov-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3596 CqMailing not resilient
19-Nov-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-2571 IllegalMonitorStateException in CQBufferedImageCache.getImage
DAM Search displays wrong replication status for assets
Incorrect activation status shown in DAM admin search view
If search asset with local characters, the server hangs.
DAM Search: Status of the activated content is not shown correctly
Hiding DAM Search result columns causes blank DAM Admin UI
20-Nov-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3601 VersionCopyAction guard from failure due to misconfigured filter
VersionCopyAction fails to remove mixins
20-Nov-13 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3659* The defaultlogin.html used by AbstractAuthenticationFormServlet contains XSS vulnerability.
10-Dec-13 cq-5.5.0-featurepack-2152 RTC - Implement Granite centralized KeyStore
Enable HttpsListener to support client authentication(mutual auth)
Enable sso based on certificate-based mutual SSL authentication
CLONE -[CQ5.5] Use Granite Keystore[GRANITE-1646] in certificate-based mutual SSL auth for replication agents
Enable replication agents for certificate-based mutual SSL connections
02-Jan-14 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3632* ReferenceSearch does not return hits in case path ends with a dash.
Backport fix to 5.5 branch.
03-Jan-14 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3668 ContentSync zip file on full download crashes with an out of memory error
ContentSync zip file on full download crashes with stack overflow errors
06-Jan-14 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3678* Disable link checking without disabling link rewriting.
29-Jan-14 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3738* Improves the way how Sling loads the alias and vanity paths.
12-Feb-14 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3734

MSM: Multiple issues fixed

LiveCopy index must not serve cached Items if the underlying Node has changed
2nd Level children of the LiveCopy are not moved when MSM blueprint page moves
Rollout misses to MovePages if Source has not been touched
PageMoveAction moved Page's manualy created Components get deleted

19-Feb-14 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3773 MSM: ContentCopyAction fails if Node with excluded NoteType exists on Blueprint
23-Mar-14 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3877 Checking references throw FuzzyQuery exception for assets with DOS filename (EXAMPL1.JPG)  
10-Apr-14 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3864

MSM: Multiple issues fixed

Update References within nested LiveCopies
RolloutManager does not pass all exceptions to Exceptionhandler  

08-May-14 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-4019 IE9 specific: Site Admin: Strange behavior after heavy use
19-May-14 cq-5.5.0-hotfix-4048 Timewarp functionality does not show correct data after 9 versions
19-Dec-15 Hot fix 8364 Java deserialization issues mitigation agent


You can find all recommended hot fixes mentioned above from the Package Share's Public Section. You can request other hot fixes or feature pack via ticket. You can access the Package Share with a registered user as mentioned here.