AEM Common Customization issues

AEM Customization Best Practices

  • AEM Development - Best Practices for developing components/templates including security considerations
  • OSGI Bundles - Best Practices for developing custom bundles

AEM Tools for environment Comparison

How to Debug SAML Issues

Configuration checks:

  • SAML Handler in AEM will only be activated when it receives the IDP response at <AEM_HOST>/saml_login(Assuming path variable is set to "/")
  • saml_login is the servlet that processes the IDP response and creates users Or provides details about the failure.
  • So, make sure IDP is making the POST call to:
    • <AEM_HOST>/saml_login when the path field is set to "/"
    • <AEM_HOST>/content/abc/saml_login when the path field is set to "/content/abc"
  • If this is still an issue, check the detailed article at [1] for further troubleshooting


Custom bundles are not starting after the upgrade

Check if the custom code was compiled with the latest version of uber-jar. More details at [2]


Custom components not working after the upgrade

  • Make sure you are using the latest coral resource types.
  • Check sample article at [3] for more details
  • If this is still an issue, please try to reproduce the issue on a plain AEM instance and share the component package with AEM support for further investigation


Custom Overlay's are not working as expected after the upgrade

  • Check if the node that was overlayed has moved to a different location OR updated. If that is the case, you need to recreate the overlay by using the new location.
  • Before upgrading, follow the steps in this article to ensure that the overlays are upgraded properly to the target version.