dc:description is not searchable via fulltext search | AEM 6.x Assets


Full text searches for the metadata field dc: description are not returning results in AEM Assets.

For example, this query builder query doesn't return any results after adding a dc:description=Test to the metadata node of an asset under the brand folder:

type= dam:Asset
orderby = @jcr:content/metadata/jcr:title
orderby.sort = asc


AEM 6.1 and 6.2


The xpath query generated by the query is this:

/jcr:root/content/dam/geometrixx-outdoors/brand//element(*, dam:Asset) 
(jcr:contains(jcr:content/metadata/@dc:description, 'Test')) 
order by jcr:content/metadata/@jcr:title

The query uses the damAssetLucene index.  However, the index does not have the dc:description property full text indexed.


To fix this you must add analyzed=true property to the dc:description property of the damAssetLucene index.

  1. Go to http://aem-host:port/crx/de/index.jsp and log in as admin

  2. Browse to /oak:index/damAssetLucene/indexRules/dam:Asset/properties/dcDescription

  3. Add a Boolean property analyzed with value true

  4. Go to /oak:index/damAssetLucene and set the reindex property to true

  5. Save it, this reindexes and takes some time.

  6. Reindexing will take time, you can monitor reindexing via the error.log by looking for log messages like these [1]

  7. Reindexing is complete when you see a log message like [2]


    27.01.2017 18:08:19.134 *INFO* [pool-7-thread-1] org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.index.IndexUpdate Reindexing will be performed for following indexes: [/oak:index/damAssetLucene
    27.01.2017 18:08:19.399 *INFO* [pool-7-thread-1] org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.index.IndexUpdate Reindexing Traversed #10000 /jcr:system/jcr:versionStorage/c8/86
    27.01.2017 18:08:19.452 *INFO* [pool-7-thread-1] org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.index.IndexUpdate Reindexing Traversed #20000 /jcr:system/jcr:versionStorage/9d/72
    27.01.2017 18:08:19.470 *INFO* [pool-7-thread-1] org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.index.IndexUpdate Reindexing Traversed #30000 /jcr:system/jcr:versionStorage/06/49/var/audit/com.day.cq.dam/content/dam/projects/media/rep:policy/allow6
    27.01.2017 18:08:20.705 *INFO* [pool-7-thread-1] org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.index.IndexUpdate Indexing report
        - /oak:index/damAssetLucene*(288)


    27.01.2017 18:08:20.706 *INFO* [pool-7-thread-1] org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.index.AsyncIndexUpdate Reindexing (async) completed for indexes: [/oak:index/damAssetLucene*(288)] in 1.580 s