How to change a delivery to a template-Campaign?
How can we convert a delivery to be used as a template and vice versa.


How can you change a template to a delivery or delivery to a template? You can encounter issues where a template can no longer be used as it has been converted to a delivery and we get an error like: "Cannot start a new analysis in the current state 'finished' " that does not allow use of the template anymore on a delivery.


All V6 environments.


  1. Make sure the @isModel attribute for nms:delivery is set to yes. If not, update the field to yes either by Mass update or by using a workflow with query activity (select From nms:delivery where nmsdelivery_id=<PK>) and update data to change from no to yes.

  2. Once done, go to the template by searching with Primary Key or Internal name. Right click the template and select action>Mass update of selected lines. Update the field @status to being edited from finished to make it usable again.