In general, conflicts error occurs when multiple sessions updates concurrently the same contents.

For example

Two session started concurrently for the same contents as below:

In that case, Session A got error "OakState0001"

Session A started at 01:00

Session B started at 01:05

Session B finished at 01:10 => complete with success.

Session A finished at 01:15 => got error "OakState0001"


AEM6.1, AEM 6.2, AEM6.3


To find conflicts in AEM, follow the steps below:

  1. Search "OakState0001: Unresolved conflicts in" in error.log.

  2. Find when error occurred and which contents were conflicted.


    When opening a page of "/content/wcm/sites/www/mysite/en/jcr:content/pagepar/mainpar.html", 

    "/content/wcm/sites/www/mysite/en/jcr:content/pagepar/mainpar/common_button" was conflicted.

    23.03.2017 11:36:08.734 *ERROR* [ [1490236567948] GET /content/wcm/sites/www/mysite/en/jcr:content/pagepar/mainpar.html HTTP/1.1] jp.co.g.aem.util.NodeUtils Error setProperty

    javax.jcr.InvalidItemStateException: OakState0001: Unresolved conflicts in /content/wcm/sites/www/mysite/en/jcr:content/pagepar/mainpar/common_button

Summary: Review for concurrent session updates to find what is conflicted.  

In most cases, the following might be root cause:

  • Same operation was trigerred in a short time. 
  • Customized workflow or jsp being used wiithout consideration of session management.