How to qualify AEM custom code issues before engaging AEM Customer Care


AEM 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4

How to qualify AEM custom code issues before engaging AEM Customer Care

When dealing with AEM issues that involve custom code or third party tools, it's necessary to gather certain information.  This will enable AEM Customer Care to  process and understand the issue quickly hence lead to faster resolution time.  

1. Test in OOTB instance 
Depending on the use case, test in an Out of the box (OOTB) instance via Geometrixx or we.Retail pages.  

Examples: if the use case involves a single component test with components behavior in OOTB pages.  

If the issue is seen in the OOTB pages, attach the component package along with screencaptures or video of the usecase.  

2. Recreate a simplified scenario
When the original issue is encountered it might occur as part of a bigger test case.  Simplify the tests required to reproduce the issue to the least amount of steps possible. 

3. Code base
If the issue cannot be reproduced easily as per #1-2, you can provide a smaller code base required to reproduce the usecase along with screencaptures and/or video recording along with detailed steps

Note: Debugging custom code is out of AEM Customer Care's support scope.  This also includes integration with third party software that are not officially supported by Adobe to be integrated with AEM. Any assistance on such cases would be on best effort basis.

You may contact the Adobe Customer Service.

Information to provide when raising a ticket

When raising a support ticket in the support portal, qualify the issue as best as possible following guidelines in the following KB article.