How to Recompile JSP files in AEM
How to Recompile JSP files in AEM


AEM 6.1, 6.2, 6.3

How to Recompile JSP files in AEM

Sometime the JSP classes will not get compiled automatically in Adobe Experience Manager(AEM).  Strange UI issues can compilation errors may be seen in the logs. 

Recompiling the JSP classes with steps below wil resolve many of such issues:  


  1. Login via the AEM System Console http://hos:port/system/console/slingjsp
  2. Click on Recompile all JSPs



  1. Log via CRXDE Lite
  2. Browse to /var/clientlibs
  3. Delete all contents under /var/clientlibs with the exception of rep:policy
  4. Click Save All

Information to provide when raising a ticket

When raising a support ticket in the support portal, qualify the issue as best as possible following guidelines in the following KB article.