Use Content Fragment Models in AEM 6.3.3
Use Content Fragments Models in AEM 6.3.3


How to utilize Content Fragment Models in AEM 6.3.3


1) There is a known defect that will cause the Content Fragment Models tile from appearing in Tools > Assets.

Follow the steps below to fix this:

  •  Log on CRX Package Manager on http://<server>:<port>/crx/packmgr
  •  Search the package ""
  •  Click "Reinstall"

2) Enable DAM Structured Content Fragments

  •  Tools > Operations > Web Console
  •  Search for string "DAM Structured Content Fragments"
  •  Open it, and ensure Is Active is checked and click Save.

3) Complete method "Enable Content Fragment Models in Configuration Manager" in the 6.3.3 help page [1] referenced before. This creates a config under which you an then create the models.

4) If you are not using Global, you need to manually perform the step "Apply the Configuration to your Assets Folder" from [1] because the UI for this is not in AEM 6.3.3.

  • In CRX/DE, locate the jcr:content of the DAM folder you wish to apply your CF configuration to, for example, /content/we-retail/jcr:content
  • Add a property to this node:
    Name: cq:conf
    Type: string
    Value: /conf/my_cf_config <or name of your config>

5) Follow the method "Creating a Content Fragment Model" in the document [1] and the rest of the information about editing the models, etc.

Result: Once you have done this, you should be able to go to the asset folder (in my example /content/we-retail) create a new content fragment, and you'll see the new model you defined in stage 5, or any models defined under your config.