ImageServer Error | Material resolution out of range | Scene7


When I call an Image Rendering URL, an "ImageServer Error" occurs.


Calling via url you will see a message like so:

Object 'xyz' of vignette '/path/name.vnt' is too large, area: 27.742MPixels, max area: 20MPixels

The render server is trying to protect itself from being overloaded by preventing the render of a material that's very large on an object. On our hosted environment, we have set the maximum material size to 8.5 times the vignette size.  

Often this is caused by a miscalculated resolution on the vignette. Check the contents of the vignette:


Check the resolution setting, in the example above, a resolution of 500 is almost always caused by a resolution miscalculation. If it was an old vignette you could try coverting it to a new version (Vignette Update Tool) and uploading again.

Another way is to use &res= in the URL (specific to problematic object), It should be greater than min value specified in the error.

If not, you will need to check the vignette in IA. Check any masks on the objects - the mask might be too big and need to be spilt into smaller pieces.

Check the flowline mesh.

Check anything else in the vignette associated with the objects.

Other information

This is the calculation the render server uses to see if it is past the IrMaxTextureSizeFactor.

((material width * material height)/(specified resolution in URL squared))/((vignette width*vignette height)/(obj resolution squared))

(600*600/(58*58))/(800*1000/(500*500))= 107/32 = 33.4

The 'specified' amount is the number of pixels/in the material is set to in the URL string or catalog. The 'min' is the number of pixels per inch the material would need to be set to not produce this error. However, increasing the resolution is typically not the right approach, since it will change how the material is rendered on the object. Usually a better bet is to crop the material image.