Troubleshoot rulesets | Scene7


My rulesets aren't working as expected. For example:

  • A ruleset XML file doesn't upload.
  • Rulesets don't match, or have unexpected results.


Do one or more of the following:

  • If a ruleset XML file doesn't upload, check that it's a valid XML file, using a program like xmlvalid.
  • If you're receiving unexpected responses, try the following:
    • Check that the XML file is marked for publish.
    • See if you can visually see any obvious errors with the XML file.
    • Make sure that the publish server has the correct XML file chosen as a ruleset.
    • Make sure that a publish was done after any changes.
    • Put special characters in a CDATA tag. For example, the ampersand below must be in a <![CDATA[text with special characters]]> tag. For example, <substitution><![CDATA[$thumbnail$&req=tmb]]></substitution>
    • It's necessary to escape regular expressions. For example, it's necessary to escape dollar signs ($). The best bet for finding these problems is to use an online regexp tool to figure out matching problems. Here is an example
      It's unnecessary to escape the $ symbol in the substitution, but it does not cause any harm.
    • Make sure that any element attributes you use have the proper capitalization. For example, both the 'O' and 'M' in 'OnMatch' must be capitalized:
      <rule OnMatch="continue">
      You can find the proper settings for these parameters in the documentation:
    • Finally, check the logs to see if there was any error when loading the ruleset file.  
  • If ruleset behavior is unexpected (not matching, unexpected results, behavior not as desired, and so on), Contact Scene7 Support who can perform server log analysis.


There is no way to get ruleset information with a URL command.