Custom Domains

All about Custom Domains & SSL

The article describes at a high level what Scene7 can provide reagridng custom domains and SSL

What is a domain name, what is a sub-domain name, and where do they come from?

Scene7 customers receive their content via a URL. URL's always point to a server name, like:$cart$

where "" is the domain name and "s7d4" is the sub-domain part of that name.

You get something similar for secure URL, which you would use on your secure website, like your shopping cart, requiring some sort of authentication. The difference here is it is usually the exact same name except it uses "HTTPS" instead of "HTTP"

This arrangement is fine for most users but some users want a custom name, for various reasons.
One reason may be they do not want it exposed that they use a 3rd party Service to provide their images, so do not want to see that in the name of any image link. Another reason is they want their brand to be part of the image name. Each of these reasons require a different name for the URL to resolve to an image from the image server.

What can be provided:

  • Generic subdomain on the domain - each customer is provisioned with a
    generic sub domain, for example or
  • Custom subdomain on the domain - for example Process: Customer opens support ticket. Support will work with Adobe Tech Ops team to set this up. Turnaround time is normally 10 working days
  • Custom subdomain on a customer hosted domain - for example Process: Customer opens support ticket. Support will work with Adobe Tech Ops team to set this up. HTTP only turnaround time 10 working days. HTTPS turnaround time 4-6 weeks. Additional time is due to working with 3rd party to validate the domain and to issue a new SSL cert


Does Scene7 support SSL/HTTPS?

Yes, in most cases the domain you have been provided during provisioning has been enabled for HTTPS. Some legacy domains may be HTTP only - contact Scene7 Customer Care to discuss.

Can I customize my domain name?

Yes, Scene7 can provide a vanity domain like

Can I use my own domain for images, and what is the process for that?

Yes, Scene7 can use your domain, with your authorsation, to serve requests via HTTP and HTTPS.  

How can I improve the perfomance of assets served inside China?

Scene7 can create a new domain, or enable an existing domain, to use our partner CDN in China. To do this you must provide Scene7 with a valid ICP licence. Contact Customer Care to set this up.