Image Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Documentation


We would like to add relevant search terms to our image names to better be found by search engines. Is there a way to have additional information added to the url string and not interfere with the Scene7 integration?
Do you have documentation on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


Here is summary of key image SEO best practices:

  1. Google only supports indexing of following image formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP or SVG.
  2. Use informative filenames
  3. Use image alt text
  4. Place images near relevant text and ensure the text context of the
    surrounding web page match with the image (ie. An image of a shoe is
    embedded on a page that talks about shoes)
  5. Submit an image site map:
  6. Any variables or parameters after the image filename are ignored by Google. For example, different image preset names are ignored:
    of image preset$

See the following documents for more information:

How S7 can support SEO.pdf

S7 & SEO

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