Content doesn't upload FAQ | Scene7

Find answers about content upload issues in SPS, such as FTP folders not appearing.

Check the job logs page for errors to see if any content was uploaded. If no content is uploaded, check whether there are files in a subfolder on the FTP server. Finally, make sure that you selected the Did you Include Subfolder option on upload.

Sometimes files don't upload with a warning message appears in the job logs. Each image contains a listing like so:

"/UnsupportedFiles/. was not processed because it is not a supported file format!"

This error indicates that an image is damaged. It could have been corrupted during the upload process.

Open the image in Photoshop. If the image doesn't open, then it could be damaged. Try opening it with the native picture viewer in Windows to see if the image is truncated. (If so, you see part of the image and it is cut off or have odd color streaks.)

If Photoshop shows the error, "This document may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete). Continue?", click OK. Does the image display correctly? How about in picture viewer? If it appears fine, resave the image and try reuploading into SPS. Resaving can alleviate the underlying issue.

Also, when you open it in Photoshop, look at the channels tab. If you see LAB or Monotone, then that setting is the cause. Scene7 does not support Lab color or monotone or duotone images. You can also check by going to Image > Mode and checking whether Lab Color is selected. If so, choose RGB Color and save it.

If nothing appears wrong with the master, send the issue to Tech Support.  

Same message, but for an XML file

The only encoded characters necessary to make SPS (or xmlValid parsing tool) accept the file, is the ampersand. Encode It as \&amp\;

See the Ruleset troubleshooting tips.

Same message, but for a vnt file

Previously, if you selected the unmasked object and looked at its properties, and then selected Show on the  Mask tab, you could see a residual bit of image. By deleting the bg object, resynching masks, and then re-creating the bg object, the vignettes problems were flushed.

Same message, but for a font file

Make sure that it's a supported font type for SPS, and that it has a filename extension.

You can upload the following types of fonts into SPS:

None of the above

If you use FTP upload, you should receive confirmation of warnings or errors in the FTP logs.
FTP uses acknowledgements that would confirm with the FTP client on the desktop success or failure or a file. If you are monitoring and the FTP is reporting failure at this rate, check first with your IT department. Some in-house IT departments deprioritize FTP transfers, which could be the cause.

HTTP POSTs (the SPS, SPS Desktop) way to move files up the servers are always more problematic. There could be connection issues leading to dropped packets, or a timeout.