Detect images with overflow | Scene7


We are using the markOverflowingTextFrames to indicate overflow. Is there a way know whether an image has overflow, to prevent end users from continuing if there is a problem.


There's a command that you can pass the URL that returns as XML, and displays  a RichText block when there's overflow. To call it, add req=oversetstatus to the URL.The results don't show any RichText Objects unless there is an overset condition. Make sure that the text is area text and has an s7:elementID associated with it.

Here is an example of this feature:$fontSize=40&$content=Here%20is%20some%20text.&$maxFontSize=50&markOverflowingTextFrames=1

This syntax depicts the overset text in a red frame and the user can see where the text is overset right on the render itself.

If the user is working with s7fxg2, and the text is Area Text (text with a defined bounding box as opposed to point text which only has the starting co-ordinates defined or TypeOnAPath where the text is constrained to a user=generated path), there is another feature where the offending RichText Object is listed if there is an overset condition:$fontSize=40&$content=Here%20is%20some%20text.&$maxFontSize=50&req=oversetstatus

Try this URL where there is no overset text. No RichText Objects are mentioned in a similar listing:$fontSize=8&$content=Here%20is%20some%20text.&$maxFontSize=50&req=oversetstatus

The method above also requires the user associate an s7:elementID with the given RichText Object.