Use placeholders in FXG

How do I replace a placeholder text area in an FXG with a Text FXG? What are the different methods regarding sizing?


If you use the fit option to scale the dimensions of the nested FXG to fit the placeholder image in the container FXG, the content of the nested FXG is also scaled.

Possible workarounds for other cases:

  1. Use crop or clip as the value for the fit option. These options don't rescale the FXG, but you could lose some of the text as visible. FXG position can be adjusted if necessary. This method depends on the amount of text on the page that is nested.
  2. Use DOM Manipulation applied to parent FXG to replace the photo hole with text directly.
  3. Use DOM Manipulation or Parameters to change the scaling of the Text in the nested FXG as part of the nesting call. This workaround allows the continued use of these particular FXGs to be nested in photo holes not using a 100 x 100 area. The customer must parameterize RichText C_verticalScale and RichText C_horizontalScale. This method only scales the text and not the text frame. So, the frame must be sized sufficiently to allow for this rescaling. Set the above parameters to the appropriate scale value, and the text is at the size it appears as when not scaled. However, since the frame is not resized, it could cause the text to break at different places than where intended. If it is not a problem, it could the simplest approach. If it is a problem, the customer can also parameterize RichText Height and RichText Width to upsize the frame as well. These parameters use point values and the customer must calculate the upscaling themselves if it is done.
  4. Use DOM manipulation to add scaleX and scaleY attributes to the nested FXG. If this approach is used, you could size the frame beyond the size of the nested page.
  5. If a standard photo hole size is used, change the size of the text directly in whatever FXGs are nested.

The best workaround depends on the specifics as per the text size, amount of text, and the size of the frame.