Errlr "Unable to find or process BitmapGraphic" | Scene7


The following error occurs when you load a URL in a browser:

"Unable to find or process BitmapGraphic.

Trace log error, 'IppGenericException{exceptionStack='{Client message contains invalid message data values\: Number of pixels in save request with width of abc and height of xyz exceeds limit of 100 million pixels (IsrvImageSave.cpp:130)}"


Any of the following can cause this error:

  • The file on the server does not have the correct permissions.
  • The file doesn't exist on the server.
  • The file is too large to be called from the server (see below).

Here's how Scene7 figures out the size of an image, using an example:

  1. Pull the width and height of the image from the FXG to use as a starting request; for example, 10800 x 9599. Scene7 comes up with the width and height to request from IS for images embedded into WTP with the following formulas.
    1. BI = BitmapImage element
    2. request width = BI scaleX * BI width * imageRes/company print resolution request height = BI scaleY * BI height * imageRes/company print resolution
    3. request width = 5.913... * 414 * 300/72 request height = 5.913... * 612 * 300/72
  2. Find and apply any scaleX and scaleY from the FXG that are attached to the image, 0.241666 x 0.241666, which scales down the size to about 2610 x 2320.
  3. Scale to requested imageRes.
  4. Scale the request size by any scaling of the final document:
    1. FXG width and height - 10800x9599
    2. ScaleX and ScaleY - 0.241666 x 0.241666
    3. Scaled Down Size - about 2610x2320
    4. Resolution of image is 72, Requested imageRes is 300, Scale Up request size by 4.16667
    5. Scaled up Size - 10874x9665
  5. Requested Doc Size is 2610 x 1746, FXG View width & height is 2610 x 1746, so no further scaling is applied