Accessibility in Adobe Fonts
Learn about accessibility support for the Adobe Fonts website, where you can browse our library of high-quality fonts.

What accessibility features are supported on Adobe Fonts?

The Adobe Fonts website offers assistive technology support, keyboard support, and operating system accessibility support, with some exceptions. Full details about these features are available in the Adobe Fonts Accessibility Conformance Report

Assistive technology support

The Adobe Fonts website offers some support for assistive technologies, which includes screen readers and screen magnifiers. For more information, see the Adobe Fonts Accessibility Conformance Report.

Operating system accessibility support

The accessibility features of many widely used operating systems can be used on the Adobe Fonts website. These accessibility features include high contrast and other display settings. However, there can be some limitations due to the current Adobe Fonts user interface.

Keyboard support

Most of the content on the Adobe Fonts website can be navigated and operated using keyboard alone. For example, you can use Tab or Shift + Tab for navigation and control. Once you navigate to the correct link or button, press the Enter or Return key to select it. There may still be some exceptions as outlined in the Adobe Fonts Accessibility Conformance Report.

Have feedback?

Adobe Fonts is continuously working to improve its accessibility and user experience. Please reach out to us on Twitter to share your feedback.