In-app learning and inspiration
Learn how to use in-app learning content and tutorials to quickly get started with Fresco.

Adobe Fresco is the new drawing and painting app built for both new artists and seasoned artists. Its interface is simple and intuitive; all of the essential tools illustrators need for their workflow are right there. With Adobe Fresco on your device, the world is your studio. You can learn the fundamentals of Adobe Fresco by following step-by-step guided tutorials on how to create, enhance, and publish your artworks. With a robust collection of interactive tutorials, you can get a hands-on experience with Adobe Fresco tools. 

Get started
Get started from Home screen
take the tour
Get started from document screen

You can access Get Started Adobe Fresco quick tour in one of the ways: 

  • From the Home screen, tap on Learn and tap on the first thumbnail, Adobe Fresco quick tour.
  • From the working document screen, tap on the Help icon at the upper-right corner and tap on Take the tour.

Learn tutorials offer tutorials for deeper learning and hands-on experience on each of the features of Adobe Fresco.

Learn tab Hands-on tutorials
Hands-on tutorials

Quickly get started with a range of hands-on tutorials, within the app. From Learn screen, tap on the desired tutorial to begin learning.