Manage the pressure curve for your Pen tool brushes in Adobe Fresco
Learn how to adjust pressure sensitivity.

You can adjust the thickness of your strokes by modifying the settings for pressure sensitivity in Fresco. The modified settings are applied to all Fresco brushes.

Fresco pencil pressure curve
Modify pressure sensitivity using pressure curve

Follow these steps to adjust the pressure curve of your stylus and apply it:

  1. Select App settings > Input and tap Adjust Stylus Pressure.
  2. In the pressure sensitivity graph that is displayed, choose from the standard settings or adjust the pressure curve by modifying the nodes.
  3. In the panel to the right, draw a rough sketch to check whether the strokes match your intended sensitivity.

What's next?

Now that you have adjusted the pressure sensitivity, try using any of the pixel brusheslive brushes, or vector brushes to create your designs.

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