Track change feature enhancements

The Track Changes feature is now available in both InCopy CS5 and InDesign CS5. In InCopy, the Track Changes toolbar includes icons that are more intuitive. The Changes menu includes additional options for accepting and rejecting changes in either the current story or in all stories. You can also accept and reject changes from individual participants. See Tracking and reviewing changes.

Mini Bridge

Mini Bridge is a subset of Adobe Bridge that is available as a panel within InCopy. See previews of files on your local hard drive or server without launching Adobe Bridge and leaving InCopy. Drag and drop files into editable frames or open files directly in InCopy in fewer steps and in less time.

Improved Adobe Bridge integration

A new File Handling preference option lets you generate page thumbnails for more than the first page of InCopy files. The default number of pages to generate thumbnails for is set to 2, but you can change it to 1, 2, 5, 10, or All. You can now see previews of pages in the Preview pane of Bridge. Choosing more thumbnail pages may cause your InCopy document to take longer to save.

See Using Adobe Bridge with InCopy.

Document installed fonts

In InDesign CS5, if you choose to include the document fonts when using the Package command, InDesign generates a folder named “Document Fonts.” If you open an InDesign or InCopy file located in the same parent folder that this Document Fonts folder is located in, these fonts are automatically installed for you. See Document installed fonts.

Buzzword integration

Buzzword is a web-based text editor that lets users create and store text files on a web server. In InCopy CS5, you can import and export text from Buzzword documents. See Import Buzzword documents and Export content to Buzzword.