Moving through documents

Scrolling through documents

You can use the scroll bars (along the bottom and right sides of the InCopy window) or scroll with a mouse wheel or sensor in any view.

You can also use the Page Up, Page Down, and arrow keys on the keyboard to move through a story. In Layout view, pressing Page Up or Page Down shifts to the next or previous page in the layout. In Galley or Story view, Page Up and Page Down shift the view by one screen; the view doesn’t necessarily go to the next page break. The Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys move the insertion point within the copy and scroll the view as necessary so that you can always see the insertion point.

In Layout view only, you can also use the Hand tool to move the document view in any direction.

Move through a document with the Hand tool

Some options for moving around within a story depend on whether you’re working in Galley, Story, or Layout view. In Galley and Story view, you must use the scroll bars to see text that doesn’t fit in the view. In Layout view, you can also use the Hand tool, page buttons, and commands.

  1. In Layout view, select the Hand tool , and then drag the document to move it.
Dragging to view another part of page


To use power zoom when the Hand tool is selected, hold down the mouse button. This technique offers a quick way to scroll through multiple document pages.

Go to another page in Layout view

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click the buttons in the status bar, as shown in the following illustration.

    Status bar in Layout view

    A. First-spread button B. Previous-spread button C. Page number display box D. Next-spread button E. Last-spread button 
    • Choose the page number from the pop‑up menu on the status bar.

Jump to position markers

You can set a marker at a specific location in the text so that you can easily return to it using a command or shortcut. A position marker is useful if you change your place in the document to do another action, for example, to verify a fact in another area of text. A document can have only one position marker per session; inserting a marker deletes a previously placed marker. Closing a document also deletes a marker.

  1. Choose Edit > Position Marker, and do any of the following:
    • To add a marker, place the insertion point in the text and then select Insert Marker.

    • To replace an existing marker, select Replace Marker.

    • To delete a marker, select Remove Marker.

    • To return to a marker, select Go To Marker.

Reorder InCopy stories

When you open an assignments file or an InDesign document, you can change the order of the stories in Galley or Story view. Reordering stories doesn’t affect their layout position.

  1. Make sure that you are in Galley or Story view.
  2. Drag the story’s title to a new location.