Usability and productivity

Enhanced layers

The Layers panel in InCopy gives you more control over your documents. You can hide or lock individual page items in a layer. See Use layers.

Save performance improvements

Close documents and save changes to multiple stories faster than before due to multithreading implementation. Use the Background Tasks panel (Window > Utilities > Background Tasks) to view the progress of ongoing processes.

Tool Hints panel

The Tool Hints panel lists all the hidden modifier key behaviors available for the currently selected tool. See View tool hints.

Community Help

Adobe Community Help offers access to complete Adobe product documentation as well as to community-created learning content and other learning content on Adobe Community Help includes an AIR-based viewer that displays the latest online Help or defaults to a local version of Help when a web connection is unavailable.

Community Help also includes expert-moderated comments and user ratings on Adobe documentation, knowledgebase articles, tutorials, and other content.

Edit Original for multiple selected items

If you select multiple placed images on your page or in the Links panel, you can choose the Edit Original command to open the images in their respective editing applications. See Edit original artwork.

Miscellaneous enhancements

Zoom from dialog boxes

You can now use the keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of your document when you have a modal dialog box open in Layout view. Press Ctrl+- or Ctrl+= (Windows) or Command+- or Command +=.

Sticky Preview check boxes

InCopy now remembers whether the Preview checkbox is selected in a dialog box after you exit and restart.

Collate option

The Print dialog box includes a Collate option that helps you avoid manually sorting the printout.

New default font

The default font is changed from Times (Mac) and Times New Roman (Windows) to the crossplatform OpenType version of Minion Pro Regular.

Collapse multiple links to same source

In InCopy CS5, links to images placed multiple times in a document are collapsed into a single row in the Links panel. You can now turn off this collapsing behavior with a new option in the Panel Options dialog box.

Menu commands changed or moved

The following menu commands have new locations.

Tip: Choose Window > Workspace > [New in CS5] to highlight menu commands of new and enhanced features.

InCopy CS4 command

InCopy CS5 command

View > Show/Hide Frame Edges, Show/Hide Assigned Frames, Show/Hide Hyperlinks

View > Extras > Show/Hide Frame Edges, Show/Hide Assigned Frames, Show/Hide Hyperlinks

Window > Type & Tables > Cell Styles / Character Styles / Paragraph Styles > Table Styles

Window > Styles > Cell Styles / Character Styles / Paragraph Styles / Table Styles

Window > Tags

Window > Utilities > Tags

Window > Scripts

Window > Utilities > Scripts