InDesign CC 2015.4 (11.4.0) Release Notes

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What's new in this release

For a list of new features delivered in InDesign 2015.4, see Adobe InDesign CC 2015.4 Release | June 2016.

Key issues resolved

  1. InDesign crashes while changing the document setup of a document that has locked objects, to Facing Pages.
  2. InDesign crashes while replacing Conditional text with Tagged text through the Find/Change dialog.
  3. InDesign crashes when you launch the Touch workspace, in some scenarios.
  4. InDesign crashes while creating an article, if the Article panel is collapsed.
  5. Anchored objects in a text frame disappear when transparency effect is applied to the text.
  6. Text with Japanese attributes like TCY is lost while exporting to EPUB (Fixed Layout).
  7. The name of a document printed from InDesign in PDF Passthrough mode appears as "Unknown" in the print out/printer queue.
  8. Objects in a master page that are based on another master page, change position if the page numbering is modified.
  9. Upload fails while publishing a document with assets greater than 600 MB.
  10. The form field behaves unpredictably if the field name has a dot character in it.
  11. InDesign Help does not open in Kerberos proxy environment.
  12. Getting value of XMLAttribute using JavaScript returns Object invalid error.
  13. HTML content is not preserved while importing snippets or IDML.
  14. The Links panel displays an incorrect color profile (Document RGB) after placing a PNG with embedded Adobe RGB (1998) ICC profile.
  15. Incorrect spacing at the top of the Object Layer Options dialog.
  16. Invalid markup is generated in exported EPUB, if there is a multi-level TOC with second level paragraph style as the first entry.
  17. [Middle-East & North-Africa only (MENA)] The Character panel does not open completely on default launch.
  18. While saving, the default name of a document created from a template, changes to the name of the template instead of Untitled.
  19. In Pages panel, the icon denoting the applied Master page is inconsistently spaced for left and right pages of the spread..
  20. The default name and location of a data-merged document, while saving, is incorrect.
  21. Inability to perform any action in the Animation panel if the focus is inside the text box.
  22. Workspace does not change from Start to Essentials on creating a new document.
  23. InDesign launches in trial mode if installed from a package built using serialized license.
  24. [Enterprise only] You need to sign into Adobe Stock again when launched from File > Search Adobe Stock.
  25. [Mac only] Some dropdowns look excessively wide on Mac retina display.
  26. [Mac only] Text in Edit boxes is not centered vertically.

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