InDesign CS6 8.0.1 Release Notes

Mac OS Users Only: If you have applied the InDesign CS6 8.0.1 update before 30 October 2012, then we recommend you to download & apply the update again to correct an issue with Extension Manager failing to import extensions.

System requirements

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Installation instructions

For detailed instructions on installation, visit the installation page

Resolved issues

Please refer to Adobe Support for late-breaking information and known issues for all Creative Suite 6 applications.


  • Links in the exported IDML still reference to old link path after connect to DAM with different display name [3195038]
  • InDesign Shuts down when processing a book document with a cross reference to another book document [3189648]
  • Invalid PDF/X-4 Generated Due to References to .notdef Glyphs [3193833]
  • Umlaute are not displayed in form fields 3193827]
  • Buttons from Master Pages for PDFs Won't Work in some cases. [3193832]
  • InDesign shuts down during during document recovery [3210940]
  • Debug Log.txt file not getting created with InDesign CS6 [3210945]
  • Previous versions of InDesign shut down when opening an IDML created from ID CS6 containing a psd file which has new Pantone Plus colors spot channels. [3210939]
  • Deleting characters before hyphenated words causes the application to shut down. [3125513]
  • Support Margin-top property in EPUB and HTML output [3197167]
  • Do not translate carriage return to nbsp in EPUB export [3197157]
  • Extra tag -epub-ruby-* in EPUb export CSS output [3197179]
  • Warning when validating an epub exported from an ID doc that has Spaces in its name [3198096]
  • Unable to select poster image using IMediaAttribute::enPosterTime [3210941]
  • CrashReporter is unable to collect info in Mac OS X 10.8 [3291250]
  • Memory leaks in AdobeCrashDaemon [3303518]
  • It is not possible to seek new playback positions in a EPUB because audio and video files are compressed. [3131562]
  • "adobe-page-layout-version" meta tag is missing from the metadata in EPUB3 format. [3220987 ]
  • Adobe Edge Preview package (.OAM) is not available in importable-files list [3288926]
  • Re-center policy not being honored on some exported layouts [3289996]
  • If you use Alternate Layouts, content is duplicated when you export to EPUB or HTML [3293896]
  • Automatic image conversion when exporting to HTML 5 selects JPEG instead of PNG, resulting in loss of transparency [3293906]
  • When you export to JPEG export, the output is at mixed, or low resolution, if you have low memory [3168711]
  • Updating image links in InDesign snippets results in corrupt or missing links [3178169]
  • InDesign quits unexpectedly if you fetching properties of grouped items using a script [3212753]
  • During EPUB Export the margin properties are not always set if they are overriden using a style [3217520]
  • InDesign quits unexpectedly if the product license is invalid [3286021]


Unable to select text in InCopy opened document at first attempt [3156586]

InDesign Server

  • InDesign CS6 Server shuts down when replacing Glyphs via JavaScript [3210946]
  • InDesign Server CS6 shuts down when trying to open enclosed bug file [3174087]

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Customer support

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