When you purchase Adobe Lightroom from Mac App Store, you can find two identical versions of Adobe Lightroom installed on your Mac. This can happen due to one of the following reasons:

  • You purchased Adobe Lightroom from Adobe and from Mac App Store.
  • You downloaded Lightroom trial from Creative Cloud desktop app and later purchased Lightroom from Mac App Store.
  • You purchased Lightroom from Mac App Store and then installed Lightroom from Creative Cloud desktop app as well.


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All of your photos are stored in the cloud and both versions of Lightroom app uses the same library, so your photos are safe.

Since both the versions access the same cloud-based library, you can use both the versions. However, it is not recommended.

You should keep the version installed from the store where you purchased the app.  This way, you are assured that the app will be updated consistently.

You can check your plan to identify the store from where you purchased Lightroom.

You can identify the version from the installation path of Lightroom on your system:

  • Lightroom installed from Adobe: /Applications/Adobe Lightroom/Adobe Lightroom.app
  • Lightroom installed from Apple: /Applications/Adobe Lightroom.app