Slideshow module panels and tools in Lightroom Classic

In the Slideshow module, you specify the photo and text layout of the slides in your presentation.

Lightroom Classic CC Slideshow module
The Slideshow module

A. Slide Editor view B. Template preview C. Slideshow templates and Collections D. Playback controls E. Rotate and Add Text tools F. Panels for setting layout and playback options 

The Slideshow module includes the following panels:


Displays the layout of a template with a thumbnail preview. Moving the pointer over a template name displays that layout in the Preview panel.

Template Browser

Selects or previews the slide layout for photos.


Displays the collections in the catalog.


Determines how the photos appear in the slide layout and whether they have a border or cast shadow.


Customizes the page layout by specifying the size of the image cell in the slide template.


Specifies the text and other objects that are displayed in the slide with the photo.


Specifies the colors or image behind the photo on each slide.


Specifies introductory and ending slides for the show.


Specifies how long each slide is displayed in the presentation, the duration of the transition between slides, whether music plays with the slideshow, and whether the photos appear in random order.