Use the Web module panels and tools in Lightroom Classic

The Web module lets you specify a website's layout.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC web module

The Web module includes the following panels:


Displays the layout of a template. An icon on the lower-left side of the panel indicates whether the template is for a Lightroom Classic HTML gallery or Lightroom Classic Flash gallery .

Template Browser

Displays a list of web photo gallery templates. Moving the pointer over the template names displays its page layout in the Preview.


Displays the collections in the catalog.

Layout Style

Selects the default Lightroom Classic Flash Gallery or Lightroom Classic HTML Gallery templates, or one of three Airtight Interactive gallery layouts.

Site Info

Specifies the title of your web photo gallery, the collection title and description, contact information, and the web or mail link.

Color Palette

Specifies the colors for text, web page background, cells, rollover, grid lines, and index numbers.


Specifies the image cell layout (for a Lightroom Classic HTML gallery) or page layout (for a Lightroom Classic Flash gallery). Also specifies whether an identity plate appears on the web pages and lets you add drop shadows and define section borders.

Image Info

Specifies the text displayed with the image previews.

Output Settings

Specifies the maximum pixel dimension of the photos and JPEG quality, and whether to add a copyright watermark.

Upload Settings

Specifies upload settings to send your web gallery to a server.


You can filter your selected photos in the Web module by clicking Use in the toolbar and choosing All Photos, Selected Photos, or Flagged Photos.