Report Suites are not Available in Target after A4T Provisioning
This page explains what to do when you are missing report suites from the Target user interface after being provisioned for the Analytics as a reporting source for Adobe Target (A4T) integration


If you have been provisioned for the A4T integration and are still unable to see your report suite as a reporting option in Adobe Target, this article walks through the possible causes and solutions 

Causes and Solutions


Because this integration utilizes components from multiple solutions, various permissions from each of those solutions are required to use this integration. Each solution and its required permissions is discussed below.

Experience Cloud Permissions

If your Analytics user is not linked to your Experience Cloud user correctly, Target is unable to verify your Analytics permissions.


You can check this by logging in to the Experience Cloud and opening Analytics via the navigation. If you are successfully able to log in to Analytics as your normal user, your Experience Cloud user is linked to your Analytics user.


Target Permissions

Ensure that your user has permissions create/edit Target activities. Meaning, your user needs to be an 'Editor' or an 'Approver' in Adobe Target.


You can check Adobe Target permissions by logging in to Adobe Target, clicking "Setup" in the top navigation, and clicking "Users" from the left navigation. On the users screen, you can locate your user and verify its permissions level.

Target Steps

Analytics Permissions

Ensure that your user has access to the report you're looking to use in Adobe Target. You also need the web services permission.


You can check you Analytics permissions by logging in to Analytics, hovering over the "Admin" from the top navigation, clicking "User Management" from the dropdown, and clicking the "Edit Users" button.


Once on the users screen, click the "Edit" link on your user's row.


On the edit user screen, there is an access section. This section is where you see permissions associated with this user. Ensure the user has access to the report suite they'd like to use in the Target activity, either by the All Report Access or another group that has access to that report suite. Also, ensure that they are added to the Web Services Access group.


Company Settings

Target Settings

If you are unable to select Adobe Analytics as a reporting source inside a Target activity, there could be a company setting preventing this.

Activity without reporting source setting
Activity with reporting source setting

If the reporting settings section of your activity does not allow you to select a reporting source, you need to check the "Marketing Cloud solution used for reporting" setting in your company preferences.


To access this section, log in to Adobe Target as an admin user and do the following:

  1. Click Setup in the top navigation
  2. Click Preferences from the left navigation
  3. Choose "Select per activity" from the Marketing Cloud solution used for reporting dropdown




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