This article has been authored and contributed by Rahul Bhatia, Advertising Cloud Consultant at Adobe.


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Dynamic parameters are the best way to track and automate when building ads in Advertising Cloud Social. Utilizing the dynamic parameter functionality, you can give automatic naming conventions to all the ad sets and ads which you are creating picking/from the assets already uploaded in Advertising Cloud.

For example, if we need to build a campaign with 10 different ad sets having 50 ads. It is easy to create 50 ads in one go, but can be quite painful to create or change names of 50 ads which are different in terms of creative as well as changing names of ad sets which differ in details such as age and gender targeting etc.

- Dynamic Parameters can be used for Ad Set Names and Ad Names both

- Access them just by entering “{ “ (bracket) while typing the name of your AdSet or Ad

- Dynamic Parameters automatically append naming conventions from 12 different parameters and pick them including image name, placement, gender and device


Stage 1: Advertising Cloud Bulk Ad Creation Workflow


Following are the dynamic parameters which are available in Advertising Cloud for use in ad sets and ads names:

  • {ef_adtype}
  • {ef_agemax}
  • {ef_agemin}
  • {ef_country}
  • {ef_date}
  • {ef_time}
  • {ef_fbcampaign}
  • {ef_gender}
  • {ef_image}
  • {ef_placement}
  • {ef_label}
  • {ef_region}


Stage 2: After using this functionality for campaign creation following are the results as seen in Facebook Power Editor:


We can clearly see that Advertising Cloud automatically appends related naming conventions for use by picking it from assets defined earlier in stage 1. In the above example we chose dynamic parameters – {ef_gender}, {ef_agemin} and {ef_agemax} for ad set, and {ef_image} for ads in the below screenshot


This automation activity saves a lot of time and enhances productivity. In our example above, we can save around 10 - 15 minutes if we have to create 1 campaign – 5 ad sets – 50 ads.