Crop, resize, and resample images in Photoshop Elements
Learn about various ways to change the size of images in Photoshop Elements. Also, find links to detailed instruction.


When you crop an image, you trim away material from the edges to show a smaller area, often for artistic reasons.

Cropping - before and after

Resize, print dimensions, resolution

Resolution is the amount of detail in an image. It's measured by the number of dots (or pixels) per inch (DPI). Printing requires a higher resolution than viewing a photo on a computer monitor. For more information, see:

Resizing means changing a photo's print dimensions (the length and width). See Photoshop Elements Visual Dictionary: Resize.

Resizing image


To resample means to change the pixel dimensions of an image (by either adding or removing the total number of pixels). You resample primarily for onscreen viewing. Resampling always reduces image quality. Resampling to smaller dimensions reduces file size and sharpens appearance. Resampling to larger dimensions increases file size and blurs appearance.

Resampled image